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Finishing works

Given that the finishes offer the final appearance of the building, we approach to this stage of the works with maximum care and meticulousness as far as details are concerned, thus managing to satisfy even the most demanding requirements. Having professional and dedicated employees we manage to cover the entire spectrum of activities related to both the interior and the exterior finishing.

Interior finishes:


  • Plastering
  • Polishing plaster coats
  • Washable wall paints
  • Painting
  • Installation of: ceramic tiles, decorative stone, parquet, carpet, wallpaper
  • Plating and divisions with drywall, ceilings, plastering, plaster coats


Exterior finishes:


  • Termosystems: plating with polystyrene, stone wool
  • Washable wall paints
  • Decorative plasters, cement-based plasters, exterior plaster coats
  • Plating with decorative stone
  • Sidewalks and pavements
  • Mounting wooden eaves
  • Mounting refuse spouts and gutters
  • e.g.